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Naturopath as Teacher



Naturopathy, or natural medicine aims to ‘first do no harm’ and believes in the ‘healing power of nature’. Modern living draws us further away from the natural world – our nourishment. By adopting even the smallest of changes, we rediscover the deep connection to this planet that is our home and sustenance.  Wholesome unprocessed food, healing plants and superfoods, refreshing sleep, fresh air, exercise, sunshine, meaningful social connection and time spent in nature are more important now than ever.

This philosophy underpins the unique way I work in partnership with you to create deep and lasting health changes, through strategies that include not only simple, tried and trusted, time-honoured remedies, but also evidence-based, innovative strategies. Naturopathy draws from a wide range of therapies tailored to your needs.

Just as you are a unique person, with a unique life story and challenges, so your health plan is designed JUST FOR YOU. Other lifestyle modifications, including nutrition and exercise will be personalised to address not only your health and wellbeing goals but also to fit in with your routine and circumstances. One size does not fit all here!  Your health plan may also recommend some of these as appropriate:

Nutritional medicine
Lifestyle medicine
Testing for food intolerances
Herbal Medicine
Mind-Body medicine
Natural approaches to wound care
Teaching you how to grow your own food and herbal medicine, and how to use these to support your health

Health and wellbeing prevention advice and coaching


  • Keren
    Donna is an extremely knowledgeable and caring practitioner. She is holistic, looks for the root cause, and her herbal remedies are highly effective. With her lifestyle advice and herbal tonics I am healing my gut and regaining my vitality.
  • Wendy
    I went to see Donna because I suffered huge anxiety attacks. I felt really out of control. My life and health were suffering. After doing PSYCH-K sessions I felt able to cope with life again. I felt happier and freer, and more in control of life. I was able to take up many activities again, and I regained the joy in my life! I found Donna to be very professional, understanding, compassionate and calm which is what I really needed. Thank you Donna.
  • Susanne Morning
    I have known Donna as a naturopath for several years. Donna is thorough, concise and an expert in her field. She is informed on everything I have ever asked her about and I feel safe in her hands. I regularly get Donna’s tonics and they never fail to boost me and repair my immunity. I have confidence in Donna’s vast experience and ability. Donna has absolute integrity and I recommend her heartily to anyone who is ill or wanting to boost their vitality.
    Susanne Morning
  • Barbara Price
    I went to see Donna because I was experiencing alot of stress, and waking in the night with distressing panic attacks, palpitations, sweating, severe anxiety and fear. I got into a cycle where I would worry more and increase the panic attacks – I felt overwhelmed. During PSYCH-K sessions it felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders and I felt an immediate feeling of lightness. Now when stresses come up I am able to deal with it. Even though I occasionally wake in the night feeling anxious, I am able to breathe through it to dissipate the anxiety and I get back to sleep easily. Donna is very intuitive, the sessions flow effortlessly and Donna guides me through an easy gentle process. Donna always takes me to the core of the issue. Walking out of the sessions feeling lighter is such a gift.
    Barbara Price


As a Registered Nurse, you can be assured that Donna has a thorough understanding of your health condition, any current medical treatments and or medication you are on, and can safely and confidently prescribe herbal medicines alongside this to meet your needs. Contact Donna if you have any questions.



Herbal medicine (botanical medicine, phytotherapy) is the world’s oldest form of medicine and is still the most widely used system of medicine in the world today. The healing power of the whole plant is beautifully packaged in a complex array of active phytochemicals that are balanced by nature’s design. These synergistic phytochemicals support healthy function at cellular and energetic levels, stimulating innate healing without side effects. The qualified herbalist is increasingly informed by modern scientific research which continues to validate the knowledge and skill passed on by our herbalist forebears. Herbs are effective in almost any health condition, acute or chronic.


The modern herbalist is highly trained, often qualified to degree level, and practices using a delicate interweaving of scientific research, traditional wisdom and anecdotal evidence. By drawing from this wide knowledge-base, herbal medicine is prescribed appropriately, acknowledging the constitution of a person, their uniqueness and place in the world.


Without the traditional knowledge and use of medicinal plants, we would not have our beloved breakfast tea, nor aspirin to thin the blood. Teas of all kinds have been taken for centuries, and most modern pharmaceuticals are created from plant extracts. One such example is aspirin which is synthetically made from the salicylic acid compound derived from willow bark – the whole plant still used by herbalists today. So it is that plants provide us not only with nourishing food, but a good many of these, including NZ native plants, are historically prized for their health-promoting therapeutic effects.


Plant-based medicine works at a deep level to address the underlying cause of symptoms. It works with, rather than against the body. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs which usually work by blocking processes in the body, whole plant medicines have varied multiple actions at the deepest cellular and energetic levels. This results in body systems that are more balanced and able to function at their best.

The body knows how to heal itself very well – provided it is given the correct environment. Take healing a simple graze or cut, for example, the dressing you apply protects the area. The injured body does much more – it sends out chemical signals to stimulate clot formation and then progress towards repairing the skin – without you needing to do anything. In the same way, whole plant medicines work gently to nudge the innate healing mechanisms, supporting and encouraging the body’s normal repair and healing processes, often by tonifying and strengthening at the same time for lasting healing.



Qualified herbalists are trained in the safe and appropriate use of herbal medicine for people of all ages, including babies. Your herbal medicine will be prescribed to you in a dose appropriate form, depending on your general state of health, any other medication you are taking, symptoms, age, personal preferences and ease of use. Tinctures (liquid herbs) and dried herbs allow the herbalist to blend a formula personalised to your individualised requirements. To elicit the best synergistic effects, herbs are often administered in combinations of 4-6 herbs. Other common ways you might take your medicine are as homeobotanicals, capsules, teas, syrups, gargles, creams, ointments, poultices or washes.


Qualified herbalists are trained in the pitfalls of herbal manufacturing. Unfortunately in NZ the manufacture and sale of herbal medicines is not well regulated, and purity of some products cannot be guaranteed. For this reason, Donna sources her products from trusted reputable manufacturers with robust quality assurance systems in place to ensure they produce ethical, therapeutically sound, pure, clinically effective and safe herbal medicines.  A herbalists’ prescription is carefully blended and personalised to you, therefore it is much more likely to be effective than an over-the-counter product.

As with any medication, there are some herbs which should not be taken by certain people. Potential interactions may occur between herbal medicine and pharmaceutical medicines. This is particularly likely if you are taking regular prescribed or over-the-counter medication, have a chronic health condition, are pregnant or breastfeeding.  If you are in any of these groups, you are strongly advised to seek advice from a registered and qualified herbalist before self-prescribing herbs.


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