Create a life you love! Regain lost vitality, happiness and peace of mind.

Feeling frustrated, low self-esteem, anxious or on an emotional see-saw?
Feeling blocked, stressed, overwhelmed?
Is self-sabotage limiting your ability to transform your physical health?
Do you want to become the ‘best version’ of yourself as possible?

You are not your ‘dis-ease’. You are a unique individual with your own unique body and mind, with your own place in the world, with your own path to follow. Your story, your desires, your personality have more meaning to the natural medicine practitioner than the ‘dis-ease’ label you carry.


Mind-body medicine explores the relationship between our thinking, emotions, our bodies, our health and sense of wellbeing. These inseparable aspects profoundly affect how we respond to the challenges of life.  How we think, feel, and what we believe, be that consciously or subconsciously, has an influence not only on our mental health but our biology too. Mindfulness techniques, meditation, self-awareness, calming strategies, PSYCH-K® and ‘The Journey’ method are some of the transformational  tools available to us.

During your consultation, I help you understand how your mind works; how your experience of life programmes your thinking from an early age, and how thoughts are affecting your experience of life, including your health and wellbeing. Together we explore the appropriateness of various mind-body techniques for your personal circumstances, and we choose a modality that you feel comfortable with.


Mind-body medicine has advanced hugely in recent decades in response to the discoveries in neuroscience and behaviour science, and PSYCH-K is one modality of many that have developed out of this new knowledge. I love the non-invasive, effortless techniques and profoundly life-changing results we obtain with PSYCH-K and this is the modality I use most often. PSYCH-K can help you discover and unblock subconscious limiting beliefs that hold you back in any area of your life.

The PSYCH-K method uses kinesiology and a type of conscious hypnotherapy. You are completely awake and participate fully in the process. A session takes about one hour and is conducted standing, sitting or lying fully-clothed on the table. I guide you through, but you’ll be participating and in control of the process the whole time. We quickly unlock and remove the road blocks that keep you stuck, then effortlessly rewire the subconscious to create a healthier, more positive outlook, more aligned with your natural flow.

Can PSYCH-K® Help Me?

Developing self-awareness and addressing subconscious, self-limiting beliefs is beneficial to everyone, but particularly to those suffering from grief, depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, chronic pain and chronic illness. PSYCH-K is a powerful transformational tool which reconnects your being to the natural effortless flow of life, helps you regain clarity for confident decision making, and empowers you to take back control of your life.

Regain clarity and become empowered to transform your health and your life!


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